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Meet Richard

Meet Richard

Richard - Principal Dentist

Richard - Principal Dentist

BDS University Of Manchester 1988 GDC:63778

Hobbies/Interests: The interests I get the most enjoyment from invariable mean being near water or being wet. I love sailing, windsurfing, surfing and can wakeboard and water ski. I love the outdoors and try to play golf. I also enjoy walking, running, mountain biking and time in the hills. I have recently walked around the Island of Anglesey approximately 135 miles. I sea fish and can be found regularly messing about in boats on the sea.

Star Sign: Virgo

Pets: A Snoodle (poodle x schnauzer) called Lottie

Favourite Film/s: Got to be Top Gun, followed closely by Star Wars

Favourite Book/s: My current list would include ‘The Art of Happiness’ by the Dalai Lama and the ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod, but ask me in 6 months and it will probably be something completely different as I enjoy reading non-fiction and spend some time each day with my head in a book.

My role is to bring together a dedicated team of likeminded individuals whose purpose is to care for people and help them enjoy amazing dental health and enjoy ‘teeth for life’. I am responsible for creating an environment where each individual has the potential to attain their very best performance.

More About Practice Owner & Dental Maverick Dr Richard Howarth

I did my training to become a dentist at Manchester University, The Turner Dental Hospital there. The symbol for the dental hospital was actually an elephant and elephants for me are my favourite animal I have to say. We’ve even got big pictures of elephants in one of our offices where the patients come and get some treatment.

So that’s where I started my training. I then went to Australia, I sneaked away for a little bit and worked at Sydney University and then ended up back at Manchester Royal Infirmary where I was a senior house officer working with 9 or 10 different consultants. So I got to see loads and loads of different stuff there, before coming down to Stafford to pursue a career at that stage, in Orthodontics and surgery.

Sort of changed path after about a year of doing that and came out into general practice and I just love the fact that I get so many different things. I cannot be bored, every day is different, every mouth’s different, every treatment’s different and that’s the great thing with general practice and I love it to bits.

Dentist Richard Howarth qualified from Turner Dental Hospital, which is part of the University of Manchester, in 1988.

Richard loves the precise nature of dentistry and the challenge of trying to achieve perfection while his great communication skills and ability to build rapport have given many anxious patients the personal and emotional support that has allowed them to receive dental care. Richard said “we know how to cure tooth and gum disease and it is my aim to help as many people as possible choose dental health for life.” Richard is active both in his community, nationally and internationally promoting dental health.

Richard is married to Jeni. Richard and Jeni have two children Evangeline  and Thomas. 

Richard Howarth – GDC Number 63778 

Dental Maverick Trustee

Aside from his family and dentistry, Richards other passion is Dental Mavericks. A Charity setup to help end daily dental pain for the children of Morocco. Richard is a trustee of the charity and regularly visits Morocco to perform much needed dentistry for children in dental pain.

Dental Maverick: Richard Howarth

Dental Maverick: Richard Howarth

Dental Maverick: Richard Howarth

Dental Maverick: Richard Howarth

Dental Maverick: Richard Howarth

Dental Maverick: Richard Howarth

Dental Maverick: Richard Howarth

Dental Maverick: Richard Howarth


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“For Someone with a fear of the dentist it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one! But wow what a team! Aware of my nerves they were kind and considerate from the minute I walked through the door!” says Fiona James

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  • "I have beaten that fear of the dentist"

    As a child, I was never taken to the dentist and as such, a fear of going grew like a disease in my mind. However, thank god that I have beaten that fear. It is totally and utterly down to Richard Howarth and his team of excellent staff at Smile Style that my fears are overcome and I no longer dread going to the dentist.

    Says J Overbury

  • "I can eat out without being embarrassed"

    I had implants a year ago. Now I dont have to think about food with pips, I can enjoy a bacon and egg on toast now without sore gums I can eat out without being embarrassed. I am more confident now Thank you Richard and Mark and all the staff xx

    Says G Bamford

  • "The staff are fantastic, so welcoming and professional"

    My partner had severe pain from a wisdom tooth. After having no luck with our local dentist and hours of phoning around. I wish I’d called the Smile Style first. I was offered a next day appointment and the tooth was removed at a reasonable cost. The staff are fantastic! You are what makes your establishment.

    Says D Hanson

  • "kind and considerate from the minute I walked in"

    For Someone with a fear of the dentist it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one! But wow what a team! Aware of my nerves they were kind and considerate from the minute I walked through the door! Harpreet the dentist was absolutely fantastic, with his wonderful nurse and a treatment plan has been set up! I won’t be quite as nervous from now on! Thank you all x

    Says F James

  • "Staff so helpful and pleasant! I'll definitely be back"

    After an awful experience at my NHS dentist I didn’t even trust them to do my hygienist appointment so I booked in with Smile Style. So glad I did. What AMAZING results from a cosmetic clean! Staff so helpful and pleasant! I’ll definitely be back.

    Says T Hill

  • "I didn't believe the "pain free" claim but I'm now convinced"

    Great experience from start to finish today at Smile Style. I’m a real nervous patient so to get looked after so well by Lou and Harps really did put me at ease. I didn’t truly believe the “pain free” claim but I’m now convinced and wouldn’t take my teeth anywhere else, Smile style you have a friend for life

    Says K Duffy